Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

💡 With this advanced-level training, you will master the skills required to successfully complete complex quality improvement projects. We provide interactive courses led by Lean Six Sigma experts, as well as practical tools to help you apply Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies to your professional projects.

🎓 This training is the logical continuation of the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. It will allow you to consolidate your knowledge and acquire essential skills to lead quality improvement projects from goal setting to measuring results.

Zone of requirements for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
💼 By obtaining the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will be recognized as a highly skilled professional capable of leading large-scale quality improvement projects. You will also have access to more advantageous professional opportunities and stand out from the competition as a certified Lean Six Sigma professional.

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The theoretical concepts discussed throughout the training allowed me to discovernew knowledge and to understand the field of continuous improvement underanother angle.

Raïssa Wandji

The cases studied allowed me to approach several facets of the same problem, to workon concrete situations.

Oumaima MAHER

I would happily recommend this training to anyone wishing to evolve professionally.

Yolaine Célia ZEDONG


European Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and Education
Phone : +33 3 20 06 17 30
Email : contact@eclee.eu
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a certification that attests to advanced knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. This certification is awarded to professionals who have completed training and passed an exam covering advanced concepts of Lean Six Sigma, as well as the tools and techniques used to improve processes and reduce costs.

What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can offer several benefits, including advanced process understanding, improved problem-solving skills, and significant cost savings for the company. It can also enhance the credibility and career prospects of professionals.

Who can obtain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Any professional with a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools can obtain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Typically, professionals who have completed Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification are eligible to pursue Green Belt certification.

What other Lean Six Sigma certifications are available?

In addition to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, there are other levels of Lean Six Sigma certification, such as Black Belt and Master Black Belt, which offer higher levels of competence and knowledge.

Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt

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